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Fun & Easy

Bird Watching

Setting up your feeding stations is generally easy to do. Choose a place in the yard that can be easily seen by birds. We carry a large array of feeders, bird houses and hooks that will make placement in the yard easy. Please remember to be patient. It sometimes takes a while for birds to recognize a new source of food.

Bird Food

Sappington Garden Shop has specialty blends that contain seeds that will attract local birds. We also have seeds without their shells like sunflower chips or shelled peanuts that work very well in attracting our many birds. Using the right seed reduces the amount of wasted seed. Feeder trays will help with this as well.

Bird Feeders

Different feeders attract different birds. Tube feeders are great to attract the beautiful finches in our area. We have assorted bird houses to suit our many local wild birds. It is best that food does not become stale and moldy. Check your finch feeder at least twice a month for uneaten food. Clean out any residue or uneaten seeds and replace with fresh seeds. We carry beautiful hummingbird feeders too!

Bird Feeders vs. Squirrels

Squirrels can be a nuisance and also fun to watch as well. If they are over taking your feeders try setting out food they will eat in a different location in your yard. We have feed and feeding stations the squirrels will certainly enjoy and help keep them away from your bird feeders.

Placing feeders that are squirrel proof is another option. We carry many styles that will keep squirrels out of your feeders.

We also carry squirrel baffles to help keep out the squirrels from the feeders. Also, using a seed that the squirrels do not like is another means of deterring them. Just ask, and we can help provide a solution to any squirrel problem.

Bird Houses, Bird Baths, & More

Sappington carries an extensive array of unique bird houses, bird baths, quality feeders and specialty seeds and feeds. We carry our bird feed in bulk or in easy to use packages.


Our staff is here to help. We can help with feeding stations, proper feed and even houses if necessary. Everything you need to get started and maintain your birding area can be found at Sappington Garden Shop. Let us help you attract and enjoy the many beautiful birds in our area.

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