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Better Products at Better Prices

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with your gardening needs. We have a large selection of high quality Fertilome and Hi-yield fertilizers that can’t be found in the box stores. You can select from granular, liquids, organics and time release fertilizers. In addition to fertilizers we have a wide range of soil amendments to allow your lawn and garden to thrive! Please ask our staff which is best for your specific need.

Pest and Disease Management

Our wide range of products for pest and disease management is sure to keep your green goods healthy. Depending on your specific needs we can recommend organic or traditional products to fight those pesky pests and plant diseases that crop up during the season. We have the knowledge, solutions and the products that are made just for garden centers.


It is always helpful to bring in a small sample or picture of your plant and its problem (when convenient) so we can help you Identify the problem and select the treatment that is right for you. Remember, if you bring in your sample, please place it in a zip-lock bag.

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