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Perennial Plants

Perennials differ from annuals in that their blooms return year to year. Their flowers may wither and die in the cold months, but their root system is still active. The root system may stay active for several years or even decades producing beautiful flowers season after season. They also tend to need less care than annual flowers comparatively.

Selecting the right perennial for the right area in your yard is important. We are here to answer your questions about which plants work best in which areas. Most of our perennials are locally grown to provide the best plants for our region. We can also suggest the proper soil amendments, mulch, pest and disease management, for any existing perennial gardens.

Perennials and annuals play a vital role in attracting butterflies, bees and humming birds to your yard.

Sappington Garden Shop is a participant in the 1,000.000 Garden Pollination Program.

Choosing the right plant is important. Perennials will give you flowers year after year, and annuals will give your garden that pop of instant color. It can be a challenge to choose what to plant. Let us help you on your way to a beautiful garden in both perennials and annuals.


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